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The stylized form of these decorative columns evokes the proportions of classical architecture. They have been created in three distinct designs so that they can be used individually, in pairs or in conjunction as a sculptural arrangement.
These columns are sheathed in veneer from the ziricote, a rare wood from southern Mexico, and cow horn inlay is employed in the ring above the base, which is protected by a stainless steel band that provides both stability and ease of movement without fear of damaging the wooden edges.

Detalle 1 Detalle 2

15 x 61 / 15 x 92 / 15 x 43

Solid wood columns with ziricote veneer and horn inlay. Cross thatched pattern. Diameter: 40 cm. Available in three heights: 235, 155 and 110 centimeters. Lathe turned base with ziricote veneer. Ring inlay of cow horn. Stainless steel base ring for stability. Polyurethane natural wood finish.

Designer and Architect